我们的领导 团队



Passionate about enhancing peoples’ lives through leveraging technology and process, Stoney founded StoneLaurel under the name Technology Project Management in 1994. 在建立宝石月桂公司之前, 他在NCNB/NationsBank(现为美国银行)负责大型技术和运营项目的企业项目管理。, 并在美国服役.S. 他在美国空军开发、实施和支持全球安全电信系统. When he isn’t leading StoneLaurel or developing new projects in the Charlotte area, Stoney loves to spend time with his wife and three children, 读好书, 在荒野中远足. A native of North Carolina, Stoney grew up on a farm and is still a country boy at heart.



Christina has served in a leadership role at StoneLaurel for the past 18 years, where she has specialized in program management, 变更管理, 战略发展, 和流程设计. 利用她在能源公司的背景, 金融服务, 零售, 和制造业, she loves to use her experience to help others, 无论是为客户找到合适的人,还是帮助队友解决问题. In addition to her management and consulting roles, Christina actively participates in a variety of volunteer activities, 包括她所在的学区. She holds a BA in Financial Management and MS in Industrial Management from Clemson University. 克里斯蒂娜住在亨特斯维尔, NC, where she loves to hike and spend time with her husband, 艾伦, 和两个儿子.


乔治. 威廉姆斯,小

George has served StoneLaurel from its inception, leading large-scale IT infrastructure deployments, 产品开发计划, 在过去的20多年里,为各种国家和国际客户进行了联合整合和房地产补救努力. Prior to joining StoneLaurel, George was a Vice President at Nationsbanc 服务, 公司., where he managed initiatives in support of the growing company now known as Bank of America, most notably as part of the Technology 服务 and Management Consulting organizations. 乔治是一个非常活跃的社区冠军,他热衷于帮助年轻人积极地塑造他们的生活, and currently serves on the Executive Boards of the Beatties Ford Youth Academic & 体育协会, Community Charter School and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Carolinas in Charlotte, NC. He is also a serious sports fan and avid golfer. 他持有德弗里理工学院(DeVry Institute of Technology)管理信息系统学士学位.



Derrick is 导演 of Application Enablement/Cyber Security/GRC at StoneLaurel Consulting, 公司. Mr. Reaves于2016年加入StoneLaurel, 带来了超过20年的经验, spanning across all functions of Information Security, with specific expertise in managing enterprise risk, 制定战略和政策, 威胁监视, 脆弱性管理, 安全体系结构, 实现安全解决方案, 以及运营安全团队. 他为财富100强客户策划并领导了多年的项目,涉及IT服务支柱领域,其中包括运营, 发展, 基础设施, 支持, 和安全. Prior to joining StoneLaurel, Derrick served as the 导演 of Engineering at TIAA-CRE. 他在领导高级领导负责发展战略方向和项目,推动公司的工程平台决策和终端安全方向. Mr. Reaves还成功地管理了面向现代化客户应用程序的外部web迁移, 稳定, & 减少安全漏洞. 之前美国教师退休基金会(先生). 里夫斯曾担任沃尔玛在本顿维尔的高级经理/全球基础设施业务战略, AR. where he successfully managed the middleware platforms, 三级工程, 和端点消息部署的所有存储位置,包括美国和国际覆盖8,000 +的位置. 他在北卡罗来纳农业技术州立大学获得计算机科学学士学位, a Master of Business Administration from Webster University, 罗彻斯特理工学院的一系列网络安全证书和哈佛商学院的网络安全风险管理证书. 除了广泛的IT技能, 他热爱他的家庭, 他的兄弟会, καψ, 和ITSMF, 他担任计划委员会的成员,也是美国领导基金会的高级研究员.


泰德N. 谢尔顿,CDP

A seasoned technology leader with a deep knowledge of consulting services, Ted has over 25 years of experience in key program management, 区域和公司的高级运营管理和行政职务. Before joining StoneLaurel’s executive leadership team in 2009, 在他的职业生涯中,他曾在四家技术和商业咨询公司担任高级领导职务, including as founder and CEO of Technology Resource 服务. 他热衷于与客户合作,为他们的需求开发独特的解决方案,并与业务和技术领导者建立基于信任的关系. 泰德拿的是B.S. 是加德纳韦伯大学管理信息系统专业的一名认证数据处理器(CDP). 他住在夏洛特, NC和他的家人, 你在哪里可以看到他打高尔夫球, 钓鱼, 志愿服务, 或者只是在海滩上放松.



Penney帕特森 joined StoneLaurel in 2008 and she serves as 人才开发主管. She is responsible for all areas of Human Resources for the firm. 她确保我们确保最优秀、最聪明的人才,确保我们的顾问获得最好的福利. Prior to joining StoneLaurel, she was an Account Executive with AT & T广告 & Publishing and also owned a Nationwide Insurance Agency. Penney has extensive knowledge of both the insurance industry and employee relations fields. She is a member of the Board of 导演s for Mid State Magic Sports, 公司. which is a non-profit youth basketball organization, where she serves as the Business Operations Manager and basketball coach. 她在教堂里很活跃, community and enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful children. Penney是B.S. in Business Administration from High Point College.



Fredricka是南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿人,是将StoneLaurel办公室凝聚在一起的粘合剂. 她自2011年以来一直在该公司工作,是幕后的引擎,确保事情顺利进行,并确保我们的客户得到他们应得的关注. 在她加入斯通劳伦之前, Fredricka owned and led a business where she taught children, 不同社会经济和伦理背景的人, to read and has spent time teaching in the public school system. Fredricka也积极参与社区活动,目前是联合黑人大学基金的董事会成员. She can also be found setting up computer labs with organizations such as The Plaza House and 支持ive Housing Community; or 志愿服务 at the Safe Alliance, 大哥哥和大姐姐, 养老院, 美国糖尿病, 或者当地的男子收容所. She serves actively in church activities and her family tops her priority list. She is often enjoying quality time with her husband and her three wonderful sons, 看足球或者读一本好书.



维多利亚·利维(维多利亚征税)带着丰富的经验和才华来到我们这里,这些都将使她在StoneLaurel担任总监一职. 在塔斯基吉大学兽医学院完成博士学位后, 她在美国陆军担任兽医军官8年半,负责食品安全和安全检查项目,并在军队所有四个分支的各种设施上操作兽医治疗设施. After completing her military scholarship obligation and serving abroad, 她回到乔治亚州亚特兰大,在亚特兰大住房管理局的房地产管理部门担任合规培训师和特别项目协调员. She completed additional studies to earn a Master of Business Administration degree as well. 幸运的是,她找到了一份工作,可以将她在军队接受的管理和领导训练结合起来, her compliance and reporting skills from the public housing arena, 她的兽医教育背景, and served as a Subject Matter Expert and Sales Consultant for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, 公司., a globally recognized leader in product research and development for small animal nutrition. In addition to her daily sales consulting duties covering six states in the southeast, 维多利亚还成为了该公司的企业培训师,这要求她必须往返于位于托皮卡的希尔公司办公室, Kansas to train New Hires and other company personnel monthly on small animal nutrition, 兽医实践管理, 和销售协议. After 12 and a 1/2 years of extensive travelling via company car and plane, she decided she wanted to leave the Sales Industry and have a more stationary job. 不想回到兽医行业去行医,也不想去堪萨斯担任培训经理的职位, she completed the certifications for becoming a Professional Bookkeeper and Quickbooks Specialist and entered her 4th career as an Accounting professional; quickly climbing the ranks to become a 控制器 for Crimson Management, 有限责任公司, 这家物业管理公司在亚特兰大大城市周边既有政府补贴的公寓社区,也有传统的公寓社区. Victoria is a very new resident of Charlotte having just moved here in October of 2019. And when she is not busy crunching numbers for StoneLaurel, she enjoys tending to her menagerie of indoor plants, catching up with long-distance family and friends on the phone, 一边看法庭电视,一边看各种法律 & 订单类型显示, 玩糖果压碎, and spending time with her fiancé going to movies, 晚餐, and Carolina Panthers games because he is the ultimate Super Fan. Together, they have a blended family with her two sons and his one, who are all in their late 20’s. 因为每个儿子都住在不同的州, 把大家聚在一起参加家庭聚会和假期是一种真正的享受,因为她也喜欢做饭.